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The Quick, Down & Dirty...

After a decade long run as a technician in the music industry, I decided to pursue my passion of software development. There was something magical about seeing my first piece of software come to life. I am excited to creatively express myself with an solid understanding of effective human computer interaction. I am still mesmerized on how great software can change the world!

If you would you like to discuss working together on your next project, please be in contact :)

Software Development

Graphic Design

User Interface (UI) Design

Arduino Development

Web Development

Custom Solutions

Drowning in data? Lets talk how we can simplify the needs of your business enterprise software !


Software can be critical to any business' success. I write rock solid code that you can depend on !


Functional software is always priority #1, but I love software that looks as good as it functions!

Keep It Fresh

Have an idea for the next great iPhone App? Or the next device that interacts with your phone? Drop me a line.



Goo Goo Dolls

Programing /UI Design

Multi-platinum selling rock band The Goo Goo Dolls came to me wanting to enter the limitless marketing capabilities of the Apple App Store.

I wanted to add a little extra value to the app besides displaying data, so I created an exclusive chat room where fans could interact with band members.

Features include: live chat room, dynamic XML feed, AV player, and fan club integration.

George Dennehy

UI Design

On this project, I wanted a unique user interface to compliment the one of kind nature of the artist ( George was born without arms, and he plays guitar with his feet!). I went for a "grunge Americana" vibe with a unique "card" navigation concept.

GiGi's Playhouse

Graphic Design

I was honored to team up with GiGi's Playhouse to help support their efforts against downsyndrome. They needed a custom designed cigar label for a charity event, so I went with a "royal purple" concept to showcase the special cigar created for the event.

Elite Events, Inc.

Programing / UI Design

Elite Events reached out to me to streamline the day to day operations of their promotional company. Elite would be hired to staff and provide demographic data for beer and liquor promotions. I also developed the logo.

Features include: data input for each promo model at each event, geofencing with "check in" for payroll purposes, and database integration for presentation to clients.

King And Bling Cigars, LLC

Graphic Design

My clients over at King and Bling Cigars hit me up to develop an elegant and detailed cigar band for one of their client's weddings. I love cigar packaging as there is tons of room for detail !

Big Boy Industries, Inc.

Branding/Image Development

Big Boy Industries

I was approached to develop a complete branding package. High density vertical hydroponics is the name of the game for Big Boy, so I went for a mix of nature and technology in my logo concept.

Genesee Brewing Company

Graphic Design

In this project, I wanted to combine Genny's rich history in Rochester with a visually appealing design. I was inspired by an a 19th century pub, while showcasing some vintage "Jenny" postcards.

The Havana Cigar

Motion Graphics / Editing

On this one I got to spend some time in After Effects. I wanted to the audience to feel like they are quickly traveling to the cigar capital of the world: Havana, Cuba. The client also wanted an exciting and upbeat title sequence to grab the audience quickly.


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